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Tourism in Locronan

History of Locronan

Due to its geographical location and environment, the sailors of Pouldavid (former port of Douarnenez) could get linen stocks, thus developping the linen industry in Locronan. Aware of Locronan’s potential, many ships such as those of the East India Company and the National Navy were clients of the village’s sail weavers. During this period, the wars of the league did not spare Locronan but the small village recovered quickly.
In the 17th century, commercial competition raged and the local sailing industry gradually declined. The living conditions of the weavers were difficult and epidemics spread, Locronan sank into poverty.
In 1924, Locronan was classified as a historical monument. Little by little, the village started to be used as scenery for movies. Roman Polanski’s film “Tess” is the most famous, it was nominated for several Oscars… and it allowed to bury power lines in all the village. Quite noticeable as well, the film”Un long dimanche de fiançailles” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet took place in Locronan too. Throughout its history, Locronan has welcomed many famous people such as Yves Tanguy who regularly stayed there in his family home. In 2013, the TV program “Le village préféré des français” ranked Locronan second most beautiful village out of 22 participants.

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Let’s walk through Brittany: every second Sunday in July, Locronan is the scene of a religious procession taking its roots from the “Nemeton” Druidic and Celtic traditions. This procession is called “Troménie” (Tro minic’hi), the little Troménie takes place every year whereas the largest one takes place every 6 years. The little Troménie uses the same course as the Nemeton on a distance of 6 km. It climbs up the “Montagne de Locronan” (289m) on its northern side and downhill back to the St Ronan prioral church by the southern slope. “Locronan Mountain” offers a panoramic view of Douarnenez Bay and the Porzay plain. The Ar Sonj chapel, which marks one of the stages of the Troménie, is at the top of the ridge.

The great Troménie, which follows the original 12 km route, is followed by thousands of pilgrims. During the Sunday ceremony, the inhabitants of Locronan and its surroundings wear their Breton costumes and carry banners representing the towns nearby. The sacred path links 12 stations and altars with statues of saints. The Locronan Troménie remains the best known of all Troménies, the next great one will take place in 2025. This is the only opportunity to come close to certain sacred places in private properties which are usually beyond free access.

The 2020 little Tromenia program will soon be online.

Program of the 2019 Great Tromenia (from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 July) :

Sundays July 14 and 21:

  • 10h : Welcome of the surrounding parishes, kissing of the banners – place de l’église
  • 10h30 : Grand’messe
  • 14h : Departure of the 12 km long procession
  • From July 14 to 21, access to the route of Grande Troménie
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